Important Links

Old main with flowers in foregroundThis section contains links to websites that have information important to prepharmacy students.

  • Arizona Pharmacy Association
    The Arizona Pharmacy Association website provides individuals interested in pharmacy a chance to join the AzPA and provides members within the organization the opportunity to discuss issues and problems facing pharmacy today as well as the chance to discuss possible solutions in order to better serve patients.
  • Arizona State Board of Pharmacy
    The Arizona State Board of Pharmacy website gives students the chance to research and learn about board policies concerning pharmacy.
  • MedExplorer
    A general health-related topics search engine.
  • Educational Programs provides a wide range of educational programs online which are available to the general public. Most of the programs are free to participants.
  • PharmWeb
    PharmWeb provides an international network of pharmacy-related information in the form of websites, webboards, and chat rooms. Come connect with other pharmacy nuts!
  • Virtual Library: Pharmacy
    A virtual library of a vast number of pharmacy-related resources.
Originally posted: August 27, 2013
Last updated: October 28, 2014
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