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Phi Lambda Sigma

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The mission of the Phi Lambda Sigma Pharmacy Leadership Society is to foster and recognize leaders and to support leadership commitment. The goals of the organization are:

  • To motivate and facilitate the acceptance of opportunities to serve in a leadership role.

  • To acknowledge leadership achievement and award membership to leaders recommended by the society.

  • To develop and deliver programs and services to assist those who desire to serve in a leadership role.

  • To develop and deliver programs and services to sustain leadership commitment.

2013-2014 Officers

Alina Kurita, President, kurita@pharmacy.arizona.edu
Angela Walsh, Vice President, angela.walsh@pharmacy.arizona.edu
Elaine Truong, Secretary, truong@pharmacy.arizona.edu
Bryan Sears, Treasurer, sears@pharmacy.arizona.edu
Amy Nguyen, Professional Chair, amynguyen@pharmacy.arizona.edu
Amanda Condon, Alumni Liason, condon@pharmacy.arizona.edu

2013-2014 Faculty Advisers

Amy Kennedy, PharmD
Marion Slack, PhD


2013 Leadership Workshop from AHSC BioCommunications on Vimeo.

Phi Lambda Sigma hosts a large number of events every year. Some of the major events include Mr. Pharmacy, which is held in the fall, and the Spring Leadership Conference.






Updated: Thursday, 05 September 2013