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Phi Delta Chi-Alpha Nu Chapter

Phi Delta Chi logoPhi Delta Chi is one of three professional fraternities available at the UA College of Pharmacy. Our activities include rush week, initiation, helping children at Tucson Medical Center celebrate Halloween, adopting families for Christmas, Valentine's Day fundraising, percentage nights at local restaurants, National Pharmacy Week health fair, Founder's Day, sand volleyball, hosting the annual student-faculty softball tournament, fundraising for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, poker tournaments, a dinner for the 4th years and much more.

The Alpha Nu chapter appreciates that even Pharmacy students need to have a little fun now and then. A happy hour here, a karaoke night there, can make for a whole lot of fun for our members.

PDC is able to join service, leadership and brotherhood and still have a good time!

2013-2014 Officers

  • Worthy Chief Counselor: Jaci Moench
  • Worthy Vice Counselor: Vanessa Jordan
  • Worthy Keeper of Records and Seals: Pritesh Patel
  • Worthy Keeper of Finance: Maria Tedesco
  • Worthy Correspondent: Julia Olson
  • Worthy Prelate: Sarah Deitering
  • Worthy Alumni Liason: Morgan Robertson
  • Worthy Master at Arms: Amy Nguyen
  • Worthy Inner Guards: Jade Fann and Mel Nelson
  • Brotherhood Chair: Larry Le
  • Social Chairs: Julia Olson and Rona Zhou
  • Education Chair: Meghan Menke and Sarah Deitering
  • Philanthropy Chair: Sue Lee
  • Softball Chair: Scott Clark and Karen Parades

Faculty Advisers

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College of Pharmacy Softball Tournament from AHSC BioCommunications on Vimeo.

Updated: Friday, 31 January 2014