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Welcome to the University of Arizona's International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation (IPSF).

By being a member of Academy of Student Pharmacists, you are automatically part of IPSF!  If you want to become a member of IPSF without being part of ASP, you can go to the main IPSF website to find instructions on how to do so. Our chapter encourages students to be part of both organizations (and as many other organizations as you can join).

IPSF's goal is "to study and promote the interests of pharmaceutical students and to encourage international cooperation among them." As a member, you can do this however you want. We have an international student exchange, tobacco awareness, the book appeal program (a.k.a. sending books elsewhere), AIDS awareness, international meetings, and the Neema project. You can participate in one of the above programs or contact us to create your own program. We value and encourage unique ideas.

We seek members to lead and to help us with our activities and organizations. Please peruse our events for something that interests you. Participation in all of our activities is also great for your CV.

IPSF is supported and linked closely with International Pharmaceutical Federation, or translated as "Fédération Internationale Pharmaceutique" (FIP).

Originally posted: August 27, 2013
Last updated: January 26, 2015
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