American Pharmacists Association - Academy of Student Pharmacists

The American Pharmacists Association - Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) has more than 18,000 students nationally. The name of the Academy of Student Pharmacists reflects the status of students as practicing members of the profession. The University of Arizona chapter has the largest membership of all the student pharmacy organizations at our college. The reason is simple: APhA-ASP the largest pharmacy organization that represents and unites all pharmacy interests. This organization is a subset of the national organization, called the American Pharmacists Association (APhA).

APhA-ASP members posed for American Pharmacists Month

In 2007, our chapter beat out ASP groups from 32 other Division AAA schools to win the Chapter Achievement Award for an unprecedented fourth consecutive year. Division AAA schools are those with fewer than 350 students. The chapter also has copped the national award for chapter achievement. The COP chapter also received two awards in 2009: the Membership Achievement Recognition for 90 percent and greater membership and the Outstanding Chapter Achievement Award for Division AAA schools.

APhA represents pharmacists in every area of pharmacy. Becoming a member of APhA-ASP automatically makes you a member of APhA. In addition, being a member of APhA-ASP enables students to receive the APhA journals and other publications which bring educational information on pharmaceutical therapy, counseling patients and current issues concerning the profession of pharmacy.

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faculty Advisers


Current APHA-ASP Officers*

  • Supranee Soontornprueska, President
  • Franco Marzella, President-Elect
  • Liz Alanis, VP of Fundraising
  • Jennifer Lee, VP of Patient Care
  • Jordyn Abrego, VP of Membership
  • Brooke Howard, VP of Professional Affairs and Social Affairs
  • Karen Tsui, VP of Policy and Advocacy
  • Michelle Abou-Eid, VP of Communications
  • Amanda Singer, Treasurer
  • Whitney Nichols, Secretary

operation Diabetes

  • Cindy Cho
  • Roxanna Higuera
  • Kyle Lee
  • Steve Nguyen
  • Koanhee Rim

Operation Heart Coordinators

  • Betty Lee
  • Anthony Raviele 
  • Katie Tam

Operation Immunization Coordinators

  • Christine Phung 
  • Debra Droopad
  • Amanda Singer

Operation OTC Literacy

  • Michelle Abou-Eid 
  • Kristin Hoffman 
  • Nichole Uribe

Generation Rx

  • Lauren Kile 
  • Justin Lee
  • Wendy Luu

Breathing assessment

  • Michael Luu 
  • Rebecca Park
  • Stephen McGinnis

*Officers serve until May 2015. New officers will be elected in February or March of 2015 and will shadow current officers through May.

Originally posted: August 29, 2013
Last updated: July 14, 2016
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