2015-2016 Officers

IPSF Chapter President

Ronald Velasquez

  • Presides at all meetings of IPSF during his/her term
  • Mentors the President-Elect
  • Organizes and presides over Executive Committee meetings

President Elect

Joseph Murata 

  • Learns the duties of the President
  • Serves as a liaison to APhA-ASP and attends APhA-ASP board meetings
  • Presides at meetings of IPSF in the absence of the President
  • Steps into President's position if President resigns


Christopher Hagen

  • Maintains all IPSF financial records and reports on the financial status of IPSF to the executive board
  • Aids in budgeting all IPSF events
  • Reimburses members and pays for expenses related to IPSF activites

Student Exchange Officers

Daniel Vergel de Dios and Jingxin Yang

  • Works with the faculty advisor and the APhA-ASP/IPSF National Student Exchange Officers to work out the logistics of the exchange (placement, work site, housing, social activities, transportation)
  • Contact person for the University of Arizona pharmacy students interested in the student exchange program

HIV/AIDS Awareness Coordinators

Alyssa Kasher and Sage Suffecool

  • Fundraises for HIV/AIDS awareness events
  • Coordinates speakers for HIV/AIDS events
  • Provides food for HIV/AIDS events

Tobacco Awareness Coordinator

Andrew Chun and Corey Frahm

  • Organizes the training of all the first year pharmacy students in smoking cessation
  • Coordinates the booth at selected health screenings to educate about and assist in tobacco prevention and cessation
  • Organizes a public campaign for Pharmcamp
  • Organizes the Great American Smoke-out

Pharmabridge Coordinator/Historian

Jason Nguyen

  • Collects and stores books and magazines to be sent for the Pharmabridge program
  • Fills out the Pharmabridge Questionnaire Form and finds an international party that is interested in the collection of reference materials
  • Organizes the shipping and packaging of the books to the interested party
  • Takes pictures or arranges for pictures to be taken at all the events

International Dinner Coordinators

Tyler Ruddy and Thuyvi Tran

  • Organizes and manages all activities and supervises the committees for the IPSF International Dinner
  • Organizes fundraising for IPSF International Dinner
  • Arranges and decorates a venue for IPSF Internationl Dinner
  • Provides food and entertainment for IPSF International Dinner


Clinical Outreach Coordinators

Eva Liang and Lily Nguyen 

  • Develops healthcare promotion projects within the community
  • Plans and coordinates health promotion events


Webmaster/vampire cup coordinator

Grace Lin

  • Updates the College of Pharmacy IPSF website and the IPSF Facebook page
  • Posts events on Facebook and the College of Pharmacy Calendar
  • Works with the American Red Cross to arrange blood donation events for Vampire Cup

Fundraising coordinators

Linda Nguy and Whitney Nichols

  • Fundraises for general funds for IPSF
  • Helps fundraise for IPSF International Dinner


Daniel Trinh

  • Promotes involvement with IPSF activities
  • Helps with fundraising for projects
  • Supports IPSF in all its activities
  • Orders food for meetings
  • Aids with cleanup of the activity toom and the student lounge

Faculty Adviser

Michael Katz, clinical associate professor

Originally posted: August 27, 2013
Last updated: September 17, 2015
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