International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation (IPSF)

Group of students together in Portugal
IPSF members in Portugal for the 2014 World Congress Meeting

Although founded in London in 1949, IPSF is relatively new to the University of Arizona. Our chapter has only been around since approximately 2001. Because we are still laying the foundation for years to come, you have an excellent opportunity to be a part of us as a leader. We also need members to help us with our activities and organizations. IPSF is supported and linked closely with the International Pharmaceutical Federation.

2015-2016 Officers

  • President- Ronald Velasquez
  • President-Elect- Joseph Murata
  • Treasurer- Christopher Hagen
  • Student Exchange Officer- Daniel Vergel Del Dios
  • Student Exchange Officer- Jingxin Yang
  • Pharmabridge Coordinator/Historian- Jason Nguyen
  • Tobacco Awareness Coordinator- Andrew Chun
  • Tobacco Awareness Coordinator - Corey Frahm
  • HIV/AIDS Coordinator- Alyssa Kasher
  • HIV/AIDS Coordinator- Sage Suffecool
  • Clinical Outreach Coordinator- Eva Liang
  • Clinical Outreach Coordinator- Lily Nguyen
  • International Dinner Coordinator- Tyler Ruddy
  • International Dinner Coordinator- Thuyvi Tran
  • Member-at-Large- Daniel Trinh
  • Fundraising Coordinator- Linda Nguy
  • Fundraising Coordinator- Whitney Nichols
  • Webmaster/Vampire Cup Coordinator- Grace Lin


Read the story written about the IPSF World Congress in the college newsletter..

Originally posted: August 27, 2013
Last updated: September 15, 2015
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