Seniors present research projects

Members of the PharmD Class of 2016 presented a total of 48 senior projects on May 10 in the Walkway of Wellness. Posters were presented during two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Research topics ranged from rattlesnake bites to medical shows like House, MD. The students, working in groups or solo, had 18 months to write a proposal, collect data, analyze the information, write a report and develop their final posters.

There were a number of interesting projects, including one study that discovered a promising therapy for hepatitis C and one poster that won the Research Trainee Award for 2016 at the College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists meeting.

PharmD students Deanna Molina, Jessica Reilly and Morgan Robertson presented a poster titled, “Rattlesnake Envenomation Demographic and Situational Statistics: a Retrospective Database Analysis 2002-2014.”

The students debunked the idea that a typical snakebite victim is a drunk male reaching to touch a snake.

“The average age of a snakebite victim increased over the past decade from 35 years old to 45 years old, and snakebites most commonly occur by accident,” Molina says.

PharmD students Wendy Wong and Rona Zhou said they discovered that the older community is surprisingly familiar with Alzheimer’s research when they did the research for their poster, “Assessing the Helpfulness of an Interactive Approach to Educate Older Adults and Caregivers on Alzheimer’s Disease.”

PharmD students Aaron Leyba, Bradley Bingham and Andrew Vo asked “What is it that pharmacy is doing in the community?” when they were discussing a research topic and landed upon, “Intent to Provide the Influenza Vaccination to Children Ages 6-18: An Analysis of Law Implementation by Community Pharmacies.”

“We were excited because it’s such a unique project,” Bingham says. “We focused on law, which isn’t something we as pharmacy students are exposed to very much.”

Vo agrees, adding, “The project itself impacts patients directly.”

Learn more about the research projects in this list of 2016 senior research project abstracts.

More photos can be found on the college’s 2016 Senior Research Projects Flickr album.

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