First QUAD Olympics raises fun and funds

On April 2, the UA chapter of APhA-ASP hosted the first QUAD Olympics event. QUAD refers to four student organizations: APhA-ASP, NCPA, AzPA and SSHP. The Olympics were held to raise money to help first-year PharmD students join all four organizations.

Forty students entered the Olympics and participated in games such as ring toss, potato sack race, an obstacle course and soccer relays. If a participant won a game, he or she received a ticket. The student or team with the most tickets by the end of the event won prizes.

The group that called themselves “Team Herrier” – Vidhi Gupta, Sarah Huynh, Jessica Rodriguez and Annie Truong, all Class of 2017 – was the big winner of the 2016 QUAD games.

Normally the cost to join the organizations is $190, but because of fundraising events such as the QUAD Olympics, first-year students are able join all four for $120. The discount is to encourage first-year students to explore many different fields of pharmacy.

"The event went great!" Amanda Singer, PharmD Class of 2018, says. "It was fun to see people from all classes (PY1, PY2 and PY3) take part in the field games and compete against one another."

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