Center hosts 15th annual training program in health outcomes & pharmacoeconomic research

The Center for Health Outcomes and PharmacoEconomic (HOPE) Research held its annual Training Program in Health Outcomes and Pharmacoeconomic Research on September 21-24, 2015.       

Two smiling white women standing outdoors near stepsSixty-seven participants attended this four-day program that covered topics such as pharmacoeconomic methodology, decision and Markov analysis, interpreting cost-effectiveness results, applications in managed care decision making, evaluating pharmacoeconomic literature and more. Sessions consisted of lectures, discussion and hands-on workshops. The program was held at the Marriott University Park in Tucson.

Among the attendees were representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, academia and managed care. Organizers were thrilled to have two UA College of Pharmacy alumni attend the program. Jolene Garrett and Megan Pinter, both from the Class of 2003, participated in this year’s course.

Participants provided very positive feedback; and many plan to attend the Advanced Modeling Course to be held Jan. 6-7, 2016.

UA alumni guest faculty Included:

  • Kristin Khalaf, manger, Global Health Economics & Outcomes Research, Xcenda (MS Pharmaceutical Sciences 2011)
  • Stacie Hudgens, managing partner, Clinical Outcomes Solutions (MS, Educational Psychology)
  • Marcus Sredzinski, executive vice president, PBM Services & Health Informatics, MedImpact/ScriptSave (PharmD 1991)
  • Bob Lipsy, chief clinical staff, UA Medication Management Center (PharmD 1985)

The HOPE Center plans to hold this program again in September 2016. For more information, contact Amy Grizzle at 520-626-4721 or

Three men and a woman sitting arouind a conference table

Group of people sitting around a conference table; woman with long red hair smiling at camera

Three people sitting at outdoor dinner table, smiling at camera

Photos captions:
Participants work together to develop pharmacoeconomic study designs.

Arizona alumni Megan Pinter and Jolene Garrett enjoy returning to Tucson.
Lectures were supplemented by hands-on workshops.
Faculty member Terri Warholak (center) facilitates a workshop.
Attendees enjoy a casual outdoor dinner on campus.



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