Students recognized at senior awards luncheon

Class of 2015 PharmD students and College of Pharmacy faculty members were recognized for outstanding performance at an awards luncheon May 13 at the Tucson Chinese Cultural Center. Associate Dean John Murphy and Associate Dean Ted Tong presented awards given by the college, while student leaders distributed student organization awards.

The student professional organization outstanding senior award winners were:

  • American Pharmacists Association – Steven Dudley, Jr.
  • American Society of Consultant Pharmacists – Jinjie Huang
  • Arizona Pharmacists Association – Sikeat Yip
  • Kappa Epsilon – Elena Almada
  • Kappa Psi – Alex German
  • National Community Pharmacists Association – Elaine Truong
  • PediaCATS – Amy Nguyen
  • Phi Delta Chi – Amy Nguyen
  • Phi Lambda Sigma – Alina Kurita
  • Rho Chi – Dharti Bhakta
  • Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists – Amanda Condon

The College of Pharmacy awards and the students who received them were:

  • UA Foundation Outstanding Senior Award – Amanda Condon
  • Highest Scholastic Achievement and Leadership Award (Merck) – Amanda Condon and Sarah Deitering
  • Outstanding Pharmacy Student Award (Eli Lilly & Co.) – Dharti Bhakta
  • Outstanding Student Award (Teva) – Alex German
  • Award for Excellence in Pharmacotherapeutics (Eli Schlossberg) – Matthew Grimes
  • Achievement of Excellence in Drug Information Award (Mylan) – Sarah Deitering
  • Clinical Communication Award of Excellence (Facts & Comparisons and Lexicomp) – Kalyn Schmidt
  • Excellence in Acute Patient Care Award – Marc Bingaman
  • Excellence in Ambulatory Patient Care – Jacqueline Moench
  • Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Recognition Award (Pharmacist’s Letter) – Maria Tedesco
  • Recognition of Highest Grade Point Average – Dharti Bhakta, Amanda Condon, Sarah Deitering, Alex German, Kellie Goodlet, Matthew Grimes, Jinjie Huang, Aaron Pavlik, Kalyn Schmidt

Rural Health Profession Program Certificate recipients were Vivian Chyan, Claudia Dominguez, Carissa Hernandez, Alex German, Kellie Goodlet, Lillian Howden, Jinjie Huang, Katrina Iantaffi, Stephanie Lee, Peter Li, Marie Ngan, Stephanie Nguyen, Elijah Okegbile, Pritesh Patel, Kristin Mapes, Bryan Sears, Janka Vanova.

Students who received three-year paid memberships to the Alumni Association (new “Wildcats for Life”) were Amanda Condon, Michelle Dorame, Steven Dudley, Alex German, Sean Guimond, Alina Kurita, Amy Nguyen, Stephanie Nguyen, Pritesh Patel, Bryan Sears, Megan Shell, Anne Simacek, Elaine Truong, Angela Walsh and Brittney Witmer.

Memberships were donated by COP alumni Jessica DiLeo, Class of 2013; Matt Bertsch, Bernadette Cornelison, Ashlee Dauenhauer, Class of 2012; Monica Adams, Lindsey Mullen, Class of 2011; Crane Davis, Class of 1995; Bill Jones, Class of 1972, 1979; Al Scorsatto, Class of 1970; Ed Gatti, Class of 1965; Jack Cole, Class of 1952; and by COP faculty members Todd Camenisch and Ted Tong. 

See more photos from the luncheon in our Flickr album


First photo caption: COP students and faculty enjoy lunch.

Second photo caption: Recipients of three-year Alumni Association memberships smile for the camera.

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