Some Medication Management Center employees to join SinfoníaRx

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The MMC employees listed below will leave the University of Arizona and join SinfoníaRx when the licensing contract closes next month. SinfoníaRx will be located at the offices of Sinfonía HealthCare Corporation at One East Toole in downtown Tucson. The main phone line is 520-499-3388.


Phone Number


Job Title

Sara Alvis 217-688-2006 Client Support Specialist
David Armenta 520-499-3383 Application Manager
Kevin Barber 520-499-3377 Chief Information Officer
Lisa Hettich Barnhart 765-526-2861 Medication Management Specialist
Kevin Boesen 520-499-3376 Chief Executive Officer 
Tracy Harrell 317-733-8718 Medication Management Specialist
Brad McBride 207-449-0564 Senior Developer
Bob Novak 520-499-3382 System Analyst
Inga Sapp 520-499-3381 Client Support Specialist
Stacey Shellberg 513-528-2600 System Analyst
Katie Smirnov 520-499-3379 Manager, Client Services
Matthew Smith 520-499-3384 Application Manager
Kim Webb 520-499-3380 Production Coordinator
Shepin Werner 720-508-3295 Medication Management Specialist
Ann Wild 520-499-3378 Senior Medication Management Specialist


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