Residents help prevent falls among seniors

UA pharmacy residents Aisha Badr and Silu Zuo, along with assistant professor of surgery at UA College of Medicine - Tucson Bellal Joseph, are putting their skills to use for Trauma Awareness Month to educate senior citizens on fall prevention.

Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans, and according to data provided by Banner- University Medical Center Tucson, they accounted for 520 admissions to the trauma center at the hospital in 2015. Thirty-five of those patients died.

Susan Kinkade, trauma outreach coordinator at Banner - UMC Tucson, said half of those falls occurred at the patients’ own homes.

Badr and Zuo are part of the trauma team that is taking its message of fall prevention to the community through the trauma services' Senior Stand Tall Program. The team is presenting weekly 90-minute seminars throughout May.

Topics include medication side effects, balance activities, ideas for preventing falls at home and how aging affects our senses in ways that can lead to falls, Kinkade says.

The Senior Stand Tall Program is free and full this month, but additional sessions will be offered. For more information, call Kinkade at 520-694-4713.


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