Class of 2012 presents senior projects

The PharmD Class of 2012 presented the results of their senior projects in a display of 53 posters May 8.

Many of the projects had received recognition even before the presentation: Prior to May 8, seven of them had been selected for publication in a variety of professional journals and 30 of them (58 percent) had been chosen for presentation at national meetings around the country.older woman looking at young woman's poster

“The presentation and publication of the 2012 senior projects that have already occurred this year as documented by Dr. [Marion] Slack [who coordinated the projects] is nothing short of amazing,” says John Murphy, associate dean.

“We have long known that the projects can result in useful information and that they have been disseminated as publications and presentations,” continues Murphy, “but we have not tallied the actual output in the past. In addition to the 10 ASHP Research and Education Foundation Student Research Awards that have been won by our students for senior projects, this clearly demonstrates the value that the projects can have. I am extremely proud of the efforts by our students on the projects and always impressed by the dedication to scholarly mentoring by our amazing faculty and preceptors.”

Paul Myrdal, associate professor, was struck by the range of topics covered in the presentation. "The diversity of the research projects was impressive,” he says. “Subjects ranged from aerosol characterization, to proteomics of snake venom, to medication therapy management. Clearly many of the students took the initiative and made the effort to bring their research to publication quality."

Get a taste of the poster session by browsing the photos included here. View a list of the research projects or check out which have merited publication and presentation at professional meetings.

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