Alumni Spotlight - Ryan Pett, PharmD

Where have you been employed in other types of pharmacy/practice settings? 
2013-2014 PGY1 residency: Rapid City PHS Indian Hospital, Rapid City, SD and USPHS Commissioned Corps officer 2013-present.

What are you most passionate about in pharmacy?
Advancing public health practice with respect to pharmacy. For example, pharmacists now provide immunizations and smoking cessation services more ubiquitously. Currently, more and more states are allowing pharmacists to impact important public health topics such as: naloxone dispensing to high risk opioid users and contraception services. Research in pharmacy practice to advance and promote public health is what I am passionate about. 

What is one change in pharmacy that has impacted you most, or impacted patients/health care/the profession? 
Washington Provider status law allowing pharmacists to bill third part payers for care rendered to patients analogous to other health care providers. This has allowed for higher-order direct patient care services provided by pharmacists to be financially self-sustainable. 

How much did your education help you launch your career in pharmacy
The UA curriculum helped me in particular to understand research design. I took this foundation and became principal investigator to research projects. Thus far, I've published one of them. 

What advice do you have for new students? 
Explore all options and don't be shy to reach out to others in different fields of pharmacy. You never know what you like until you actually do it. 

What advice do you have for new pharmacists/scientists?
Promote what you do to others. Many organizations don't know that they could benefit from using a pharmacist in their practice, agency or organization. 

What is your favorite memory at the college?
The catered lunches.

Who was a mentor/preceptor/faculty/staff member in the college that made a difference in your education?
Although he is no longer with the UA College of Pharmacy, Dr Eric Snyder allowed me to be involved with his research while a student. His mentorship helped me to understand the scientific method and how it applies to pharmacy. 

Where do you see the future of the pharmacy profession headed?
Pharmacists are providers of care. This will become more evident to the public and other professions as time passes. 

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Consider the USPHS Commissioned Corps. The opportunities for pharmacists to affect public health are great. I can think of no greater fraternity in health than the Corps. 

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