Alumni Spotlight - Mark Culver, PharmD

Are you still engaged with the college, and if so, how? 
Of course. I love coming back to Tucson for games and the new food scene. I have also continued financial support for the Wildcat Forever scholarship after receiving it myself years ago. Additionally, I'm working on multicenter trials with UA COP professors and colleagues with the Banner merge. Most importantly, I try to keep in touch with classmates and recently put together a pharmacy class reunion in Chandler with the help of my pregnant wife, Briana, and our future little wildcat (she can go to any school she wants, but we're only paying for Arizona.) 

Where have you been working? 
After residency, I never left the emergency and trauma departments at Banner UMC Phoenix. 

What advice do you have for new students?
Read, read, read. Overnighters hardly work before a test. Find your passion, it will be a long career. 

What is your favorite memory at the college?
Justin VandenBerg (Class of 2012) and I lived a few blocks north of the COP and we loved having friends and family over to our backyard for entertainment, especially before Arizona football games. Undoubtedly one of my favorite memories was having my now father-in-law and his firefighter buddies over at our place prior to a football game in 2011 and enjoying the UA college experience that they never had. They still talk about it every time we see any of them in California. 

Who was a mentor in the college that made a difference in your education?
John Murphy and Chris Edwards. Dr. Murphy helped mold me into the student I needed to be and Dr. Edwards helped me realize the type of pharmacist I wanted to become.

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