Alumni Spotlight - Jason Kwan, PharmD

Are you still engaged with the college, and if so, how? 
I recently created a Phoenix Meetup group for pharmacists and pharmacy students. Meetup is a site that gathers people of a similar interest and the organizer holds events for the group. My goal for the group is two purposes, education and networking. We are planning to hold monthly events of different topics that members can learn about such as best practices of a compounding pharmacy, pharmacy law, etc. The Meetup is open to current pharmacists and pharmacy students and can be an opportunity to network and develop mentoring opportunities. 

Where have you been employed in other types of pharmacy/practice settings? 
I have been employed as a pharmacy intern at Albertson's, a community pharmacy setting. 

What are you most passionate about in pharmacy?
I am passionate that pharmacists can have a huge impact on many aspects of a patient's care from their financial concerns to their overall well-being. Pharmacists are employed in a wide variety of practice settings and it gives the flexibility for a pharmacist to take care of a patient fully from finding coverage for a medication to recommending evidence-based therapeutic choices. 

What advice do you have for new students
Perseverance is the key to everything. If you are passionate about something, you will work towards your goals no matter how difficult something may be. Pharmacy school can be long and arduous. It may not be a short-term reward, but if you persevere, the reward is worth it at the end. 

Where do you see the future of the pharmacy profession headed? 
The future of pharmacy will be shifting towards value-based care. Ambulatory care and clinical services will become a much larger responsibilty and role for pharmacists and organizations. I think it is an exciting period of time and opportunity for pharmacists to engage with patients and healthcare team members in a different way. Pharmacists are and will continue to be invaluable for their clinical knowledge. 


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