Skaggs Challenge Update

Skaggs Challenge: Fast Facts


Raise funds for the expansion and renovation of the Skaggs Pharmaceutical Sciences Center. More than ninety percent of the multimillion-dollar project has already been committed; it is our goal to meet this challenge by the end of this calendar year. 

Total Expansion & Renovation

Expanding 33,500 square feet which include four floors dedicated to research and education.

Construction Timeline

24-30 months with a target completion date of 2020.


The ALSAM Foundation, alumni R. Ken Coit, his wife Donna and Rick Katz; Dean emeritus Jack Cole, Dean Rick Schnellmann and faculty members: Dr. John Murphy and Dr. Michael Mayersohn.

Project Overview

This project is a $26 million campaign to expand and renovate the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy’s Skaggs Pharmaceutical Sciences Center, allowing more cutting-edge research, education, innovation and training. Your support will contribute to critical infrastructure upgrades that will shape the UA College of Pharmacy, contribute to the pipeline of future pharmacists and impact health care in Arizona and worldwide.

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The time is now. 
The Skaggs Pharmaceutical Sciences Center was built more than 35 years ago. Re-imagining the Skaggs Center as an innovative pharmaceutical sciences facility will allow dedicated research scientists to double our research capacity over the next 10 years in areas including pharmacogenomics, drug discovery, pharmacology and toxicology. It will allow us to accept the highest caliber students and educate them in state-of-the-art, modern laboratories and workspaces. It also ensures that we will continue to have a greater impact on the health of people and populations around the world for generations. 

You can help turn this challenge grant into a reality. 
Because of generous gifts and commitments, we already have 98 percent of the funds we need to begin the project. We have a brief window of time to raise the remaining funds. The challenge grant requires the UA College of Pharmacy to raise the remaining funds before this vision can be fully realized, and it is our goal to meet this challenge


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The College of Pharmacy has brilliantly navigated the changing landscape of pharmaceutical sciences for 70 years. The campaign reflects our shared commitment to ensure this college remains the vanguard for drug discovery and drug development for decades to come.

R. Ken Coit (’67)
Member, UA College of Pharmacy National Advisory Board


With this expansion and renovation, the Skaggs Center will once again be one of the most modern research facilities in the country, ensuring that the College of Pharmacy stays on the leading edge of pharmaceutical knowledge and innovation.

Rick KatzRick Katz (’70)
Chair, UA College of Pharmacy National Advisory Board


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