Philip Kuehl, PhD

While at the University of Arizona, College of Pharmacy I preformed research in several different areas. One are was in support of the Arizona Cancer Centers skin cancer work. I conducted preformulation studies on the anticancer drug Apomine and helped create a topical formulation to evaluate the efficacy of Apomine in treating skin cancer. Another area of research I worked on while in graduate school was the treatment of lung cancer. My lab developed different inhalation formulations to treat lung cancer.
I am currently working for Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute. At LRRI I work on creating and evaluating inhalation formulations to treat a wide variety of respiratory diseases.
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
Dissertation Title: 
“Preformulation Studies of the Anticancer Drug Imexon”
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Alumna or Alumnus: 
Alumni Title/Position/Employer: 
Associate Research Scientist, Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute Albuquerque, NM