Kia Sepassi, PhD

My research as a student in pharmaceutics focused on developing in-silico model for predicting physico-chemical properties pertinent to pharmaceutical and environmental sciences. My dissertation provides estimations of octanol solubility, vapor pressure, octanol-air partition coefficient, and the air-water partition coefficient. These properties were estimated using transition temperatures and molecular descriptors. I was also involved in crystallization and characterization of pharmaceutical salts. My other research projects involved formulation development for the National Cancer Institute.
I am currently working at Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development in La Jolla California as a Preformulation Scientist. My responsibilities include the development of oral and parenteral formulations for early toxicological and tolerance studies. I am also responsible for solid state characterization and salt form selection of API’s.
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
Dissertation Title: 
"Estimations of Octanol Solubility, Vapor Pressure, Octanol-Air Partition Coefficient, and Air-Water Partition Coefficient."
Alumna or Alumnus: 
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Scientist, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development San Diego, CA