Katherine Chu, PhD

I am currently a Scientist I at Onyx Pharmaceuticals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Onyx Pharmaceuticalsis a research based biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops and commercializes innovative cancer drugs to improve the care of patients suffering from life-threatening diseases.
I am involved in a number of projects at different stages of development and I am a project specific, CMC subteam representative for my group. My main responsibilities include material characterization and its related instrumentation, preformulation development, formulation development, tech transfer and scale-up at contract manufacturing organizations, analyzing data, presenting data, and writing and reviewing reports.
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
Dissertation Title: 
“Predicting Oral Absorption: Relationship between Fraction Absorbed and Melting Point”
1. Chu, K.A. and Yalkowsky, S.H. An interesting relationship between drug absorption and melting point. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 373 (2009) 24-40.
2. Chu, K.A. and Yalkowsky, S.H. Predicting Aqueous Solubility: The Role of Crystallinity. Current Drug Metabolism, 10 (2010) 1184-1191.
Alumna or Alumnus: 
Alumni Title/Position/Employer: 
Scientist I, Onyx Pharmaceuticals, San Francisco Bay Area