Jenny Johnson, PhD

My research as a student in pharmaceutics focused on a variety of topics related to the physical and chemical stability of drugs in intravenously (IV) and orally administered formulations. Specifically, my projects centered on developing an in vitro model for the prediction of phlebitis due to precipitation upon administration of an intravenous drug. The model was tested and statistically validated on a series of phlebitic injectables as well as a number of controls. Measures of model sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value were established such that future IV injectables can be screened, without the need for animals, in early formulation development. I am currently a scientist I at Nuvox. My favorite memories are of those ‘ah ha’ moments I had when talking to my advisor about ‘how’ or ‘why’. I have many favorites about Tucson. I love the heat! You can always go inside when it’s 115…but the rest of the year is so perfect. If you like to hike, bike, swim, golf or participate in any outdoor activity…you can do it year round. The cost of living in Tucson makes it pretty easy to make it on a graduate student stipend. I also love that you can wear nice jeans and that’s ‘dressing up’. You can also try many different kinds of food. There are so many great restaurants here! Eegees, Baggins and Beyond Bread are all Tucson inventions. They’re unique and yummy sandwich shops and are all located close to the U of A.
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
Dissertation Title: 
“Principles of Formulation Physical Stability in Aqueous Media”
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Scientist I, Nuvox, Tucson, AZ