Erik Mogalian, PhD

My research as a student in pharmaceutics focused on aerosol drug formulation and characterization. Most of our background is in traditional pharmaceutics, which will help me tremendously in industry, but most of my time was spent in facets of aerosol delivery, primarily metered dose inhalers. I am currently at Gilead Sciences in the Bay Area conducting preclinical research and pharmaceutical development for anti-infective therapies in the Formulation and Process Development group. We characterize potential drug candidates, develop appropriate formulations for given compounds, and follow those compounds throughout their development addressing any needs or issues that come up along the way.
What you would tell incoming students? Don’t focus too narrowly on a specialty. Enjoy the learning process, and take in as much as possible, the more the better. Not many companies are looking for grads that are good at a particular task; focus instead on becoming a well-rounded scientist. Don’t be afraid to continue learning after you finish, there is more to know than we can ever hope to learn, so maintain the discipline and always continue to grow. What is your favorite memory of Tucson? Frankly, I have too many to count. Meeting my future wife as an undergrad was pretty lucky, but I got to bring her with me. Countless intramural championship t-shirts were sure fun to win. I think what I will miss most about Tucson is the Wildcat football and basketball games, my buddies (most of which have already left town anyway) and the food. Goodbye Bisonwiches. Goodbye Café Poca Cosa. I shed a single tear for each one of you; you will be missed. I will also miss the overabundance of golf courses.
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
Dissertation Title: 
"Studies in Aerosol Drug Formulation, Analysis, and Modeling"
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Research Scientist I, Gilead Sciences, Inc. Foster, CA