Amanda Harrington, PhD

Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmaceutical Economics, Policy and Outcome
Dissertation Title: 
Evaluation of a Community Pharmacy Pay-for-Preformance Program
Year Enrolled: 
University of Arizona, BS (2008) & MS (2012)
Honors and Achievements: 
1. Best Podium Award at the Western Pharmacoeconomic Conference, 2012-13.
2. Conference Travel Assistance from the College of Pharmacy Graduate College, 2012-13.
3. Graduate Track Awards: Outstanding Research, 2013-14.
4. Myron Fink Memorial PharmD Scholarship, 2012-13.
5. ISPOR Conference Waiver, 2012-13.
6. ISPOR Distinguished Service Award, for service as Webmaster Committee Chair, 2012-13.
7. ISPOR Outstanding Chapter Award, 2012-13.
8. Katheryn B. Willock Library Research Award, 2012-13.
9. The Arizona Chapter of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (AzHIMSS) Award, 2013-14.
10. Graduate and Professional Student Council Research Grant, 2014-15.

1. Harrington AR, Warholak TL, Hines L, Taylor A., Sherrill D, Malone, DC. (2011). Healthcare Professional Students’ Knowledge of Drug-Drug Interactions. J Am Pharm Educ, 75(10), 199. PMID: 22345718.
2. Harrington AR, Apgar DA, Hesselbacher E, Pie A, Quesnel A, Desselle SP, Warholak TL. (2012). Pharmacy Students’ Opinions of Direct to Consumer Advertising. Res Social Admin Pharm, available online 18 September 2012.
3. Tang DH, Harrington AR, Lee JK, Armstrong EP (2013). A Systematic Review of Economic Studies on Biologic Agents Used to Treat Crohn’s Disease. Inflamm Bowel Dis, 19(12):2673-2694.
4. Harrington AR, Armstrong EP, Nolan P, Malone DC. (2013). Cost-Effectiveness of Apixaban, Dabigatran, Rivaroxaban, and Warfarin For Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation. Stroke, 44(6):1676-1681. Epub 2013 Apr 2.
5. Delforge M, Selleslag D, Triffet A, Mineur P, Theunissen K, Graux C, Trullemans F, Boulet D, Van Eygen D, Beguin Y, Noens L, Van Steenweghen S, Lemmens J, Pierre P, D’hondt R, Ferrant A, Deeren D, Van De Velde A, Wynendaele W, André M, De Bock R, Efira A, Breems D, Deweweire A, Geldhof K, Pluymers W, Harrington A, MacDonald K, Abraham I, Ravoet C. (2014). Adequate Iron Chelation Therapy for At least Six Months Improves Survival in Transfusion-Dependent Patients With Lower Risk Myelodysplastic Syndromes. Leuk Res, 38:557-563.

Alumna or Alumnus: 
Alumni Title/Position/Employer: 
Principal Research Associate for the Global Health Economics and Outcomes Research Department at Allegra
Career Type: