Why Applicants Are Not Admitted

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The following are some reasons a candidate may fail to gain admission to the College of Pharmacy. Competitiveness is based on the applicant pool each year.

Incomplete Application

An application is incomplete if the candidate:

  • failed to take the PCAT within the required time period.
  • failed to submit the application on time.
  • failed to pay the application fee on time.
  • was missing recommendations by 5 p.m. Mountain Standard Time Dec. 15.
  • failed to take correct required courses.
  • had missing or incomplete information in the application.

The Admission Committee strictly enforces the deadlines. No exceptions are made.


Based on the qualifications of recent applicant pools,* a candidate must have had all of the following to receive an interview invitation:

  1. Science GPA ≥ 3.0
  2. PCAT chemistry subscore ≥ 40 %
  3. Experience in a pharmacy setting. While research is a unique/valuable experience, it is not acceptable as the only type of pharmacy experience.  The committee expects to see at least 4-6 months, or at least 50 hours, of work or volunteer experience in a pharmacy setting under a pharmacist's supervistion at the time the application is submitted.  This assures the committee that the student has an understanding of the profession. (Please e-mail us if you have any questions or concerns about your particular experience.)
  4. Strong recommendations


The following is helpful information if a candidate received an invitation and attended the interview but was not accepted:

  • The Admission Committee evaluates a candidate’s application holistically without knowing the name of the applicant.  For some candidates there may be one particular area that must be corrected to be competitive (i.e. unacceptable on-site essay score).  For others, it is not one area, but a collection of small details. 
  • We recommend every applicant do the following to increase his or her competitiveness: practice interview skills, gain quality pharmacy experience, become involved in organizations and community service, and be active in Prepharmacy Club (if there is one at the applicant's college or university). You can access webcast archives of UA Prepharmacy Club meetings from the Prepharmacy Club page on this website.

After acceptance

Candidates should note that acceptance to the program may be rescinded by the college should relevant post-application facts be discovered. Examples of such facts include, but are not limited to:

  • An applicant’s failure to update relevant information such as disciplinary or legal actions subsequent to the notice of admission.
  • New information suggestive of a character not befitting a College of Pharmacy student.
  • Recanting of any recommendation previously provided by the recommender based on new or newly discovered information.
  • Failure to amend a relevant disclosure such as a significant negative shift in the grade point average or any subsequent grade of a “D” or “F” prior to beginning the program, between admission and finalizing undergraduate prerequisites.

*All of the applicants in prior applicant pools have applied through the Standard application path. Information is not available regarding the new International with Pharmacy Degree path, but all applicants are expected to meet the minimum designated requirements. 

Originally posted: September 28, 2014
Last updated: June 27, 2017
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