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Pharmacy Experience

The admissions committee at the college looks for evidence that those applying to the PharmD program are acquainted with the field of pharmacy and what it means to be a healthcare professional. To apply, a candidate for admission must provide evidence of 50 or more hours (at the time of application) of paid and/or volunteer experience in a pharmacy-related setting.

This experience may be in a traditional pharmacy setting, such as a community pharmacy or a hospital pharmacy unit. Or it may be working with medication policy in a regulatory agency, employment in pharmaceutical sales, volunteering at a poison control center or experience as a pharmacy technician. There are many possible types of experiences to meet this criterion. Contact the advisers at the college to ask questions about whether your experience is "pharmacy-related."

While you are gaining your experience, also remember that you may want the people you are working/volunteering with to become recommenders for you when you reach the time to apply for admission. Stay on good terms with them, and learn all you can about pharmacy and health care during your time with them.

Other Experience

The admissions committee also evaluates applicants on

  • Community service and involvement
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Oral and written communications skills

In preparation for admission, find community projects and/or clubs and organizations that interest you, and volunteer time to making them successful. Document your involvement and any leadership or project management roles you take on. If your communications skills are weak, take a writing or public speaking class to boost your achievement level or join an organization where you can practice and build your skills with people who share your interests.

If your campus has a club for people interested in pharmacy or health careers, join that! You are always welcome to "attend" the UA Prepharmacy Club meetings through video streaming if you can't get here in person.

Photo caption: Prepharmacy Club members make kindness markers for Tucson's Ben's Bells.


Originally posted: August 27, 2014
Last updated: December 15, 2017
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