Prepharmacy Club

The Prepharmacy Club is a student organization for undergraduates who plan to pursue careers in pharmacy. The club's mission is to provide resources and opportunities to introduce undergraduates to the world of pharmacy.

In addition, the club seeks to help its members become the most qualified applicants to the doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) program. The club makes available to its members advising services from faculty and students in the College of Pharmacy as well as undergraduate peer advisers.

The organization also seeks to encourage community involvement and to present members with opportunities to serve the community through volunteer service. By adding depth to members' understanding of pharmacy and the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy, in particular, the Prepharmacy Club constantly strives to make its members the best prepared and most informed applicants to the PharmD program.

2016-2017 Officers

Faculty Adviser

Anna Hernandez, coordinator of prepharmacy advising and recruitment at the UA College of Pharmacy, advises the Prepharmacy Club.

For More Information

To be added to or removed from the Prepharmacy Club listserv (electronic distribution list), email Anna Hernandez.

Prepharmacy meetings are archived. To view video of past meetings, visit Webcast Archives. We highly recommend you view these if you live outside Tucson and can not attend the meetings, you have class, or are working. All but one meeting in the fall semester is on all aspects of admissions. The remaining meetings go over different aspects of the pharmacy profession. This past year Dr. Sid Patanwala discussed ER pharmacy at the December meeting, Dr. Eli Chapman discussed his area of research in February's meeting and Dr. Amy Kennedy discussed clinical pharmacy at El Rio Health Clinic in Tucson during March's meeting.

If you have questions about the club, please visit the FAQ page or, if you can't find the answers, contact us.

Originally posted: August 27, 2013
Last updated: May 18, 2016
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