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Full UA PharmD program comes to Phoenix!

When Fall Semester 2016 began in August, the UA College of Pharmacy welcomed a class of 111 first-year PharmD students who will complete their three years of classroom coursework in two separate locations - either at the main UA campus in Tucson or in a new building in Phoenix. They all are enrolled in one program, but will experience their learning in different cities.

Students selecting Phoenix as their educational home base will complete their classroom studies at the downtown Phoenix Biomedical Campus. Students in other health care professions are also taking instruction on this campus; programs include medicine, nursing, public health, physician assistant, physical therapy and occupational therapy. 

The College of Pharmacy uses modern classroom videoconferencing technology to simultaneously deliver PharmD courses in Tucson and Phoenix. Students in both locations have full interaction with professors and each other. There are instructors on site in each class and venue to answer students' questions and guide learning activities.

When students reach their fourth year of pharmacy school, class members on both the Tucson and the Phoenix campuses will have the opportunity to select their clinical rotations at sites around the state, country and even international locations.

The newer campus is located in downtown Phoenix close to the Metro Light Rail and near Chase Field, the Phoenix Convention Center and the Children's Museum. College of Pharmacy offices are housed in buildings near the intersection of Van Buren Street and Seventh Street. For a map and directions to the campus, see the COP webpage “Directions to the College.”

Prospective students who wish to apply for admission to the PharmD program in Phoenix should follow the college’s usual PharmD application procedures. Though applicants will specify which campus they prefer on the application form, this information will not be used by the college until all candidates have been selected for admission. Admission is based on how well an applicant meets the required criteria for admission.  Applications for 2018 admission will close Dec. 1, 2017. Applicants invited for admission will be assigned to their preferred campus locations if openings are available there. 

The UA College of Pharmacy initiated an early admission program during Fall Semester 2016. Applicants who wish to select the Phoenix campus as their preferred base of study may be considered for early admission by completing the PharmD application by Oct. 15, 2017. Although admission decisions for applicants who complete the application package early will be announced shortly after interviews, campus assignments will not be made until admissions decisions have been completed for all applicants to the program. 

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For information about admission to the PharmD program at the College of Pharmacy, Tucson or Phoenix campuses, contact

For more information about the Phoenix-based PharmD program and campus, contact Student Services in Phoenix.

For more information about Phoenix and the Phoenix campus, visit the links below:


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Last updated: July 20, 2017
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