June-August 2012

The fall semester began this week at UA. Here are stories from the summer at the College of Pharmacy:

  • Alumna & current student share Paralympic dreams
  • Homecoming: Come home in November
  • Memorial tribute to honor Albert Picchioni
  • COP appeal is under way; we hope you'll give
  • Alumna now chief of pharmacy at VA
  • 'PharmCat' volunteers call new & graduating students
  • Oncology pharmacist makes a difference
  • Alumni Potpourri: June - August 2012
  • Alumna earning PharmD through distance program
  • Bootman takes the reins at AACP
  • Wearing the colors yet?


3 medals on ribbonsIn the spring of 2012, Renee Tyree, PharmD 1993, was browsing the UA College of Pharmacy newsletter when her eyes landed on a photo of a young woman sitting in a wheelchair – and throwing a basketball. Tyree describes her reaction:

“’Oh, my god!’ I said. ‘She’s in a wheelchair! She’s a PharmD student! And she’s a basketball Paralympian! I was a basketball Paralympian while I was a PharmD student at the UA! What an amazing coincidence! I’ve got to meet her!’”

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Don't miss the fun of Homecoming. Find details about Friday's free reception, Saturday's tent on the mall (with free barbeque from Mr. K's)  and getting football tickets on our Homecoming brochure (mailed in August) and our web page.

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The college lost a cherished leader and friend in April, with the passing of Albert Picchioni, educator, administrator and founder of the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center. COP and the Picchioni family will host a memorial tribute service to "Dr. P." Nov. 9 at 4 p.m.

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Graduates from 1953 through 1987, we're hoping you will be the first to support your alma mater this fall! The college's annual giving campaign kicked off this week with a mailing first to those classes.

students at table with cardsWatch for the letter explaining what programs need extra help to thrive. The Albert L. & Theresa M. Picchioni Pharmacology and Toxicology Research and Teaching Endowment is a new endeavor worthy of philanthropy, as are scholarships, faculty support and other traditional programs that make life here better.

The campaign will continue for several months, reaching out to all alumni groups via mail, telephone calls or emails through December. In anticipation of a generous response, 27 pharmacy students logged many volunteer hours last month personally signing 2,400 notes of appreciation for your gifts. The writer's cramp is worth it -- sincere thanks to all alumni who make a donation.

smiling womanCan COP alumna Kristina De Los Santos, new chief of pharmacy at the Southern Arizona Veterans Affairs Health Care System in Tucson (SAVAHCS), choose an aspect of pharmacy she “loves” the most?

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A host of dedicated alumni volunteers pitched in over the summer to personally congratulate 2012 COP graduates and to welcome students entering the college as part ot the PharmD Class of 2016.

Wishing good luck and great careers to the 95 new alumni who graduated in May were Monica Adams (2011), Nancy Alvarez (1992), Kevin Boesen (1996), Michelle Bonnarens (1997), Janice Friedman (1980), Ed Gatti (1965), Jon Glover (1992), Amy Grizzle (1990), Denise Holzman (1986), Bill Jones (1972, 1979), Christina Mnatzaganian (2011), John Pilgrim (1971), Danielle Russell (2009), Al Scorsatto (1970), Dawn Sullivan (1995), Brittany Traylor (2010), Hal Wand (1979), Marilyn Wand (1974), Tony Webber (1995) and Mike Zucarelli (2011).

Welcoming the 99 incoming student pharmacists who arrived at the college June 13 for a week of orientation and early classes were the following volunteer callers: Ken Fey (2003), Bill Fritz (1970, 1977), Metta Lou Henderson (1961, 1966, 1978), Denise Holzman (1986), Bill Jones (1972, 1979), Ifat Krase (2010), Nancy Mellor (1984), Mark Murphy (1984), Marty Pelger (1986), Liz Petersen (1976) and Lorri Reilly (1989). Jim Kloster, pharmacist in the Medication Management Center, also pitched in.

We send huge thanks to our volunteers for helping us build relationships and mentor young professionals.


smiling womanWhen COP alumna and preceptor Morgane Diven graduated from college, she didn’t know what she wanted to do. It took a while for her path to become clear, but now she's dedicated to helping patients with cancer.

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Employees from the college's Medication Management Center report tidbits for this issue's collection of news briefs about alumni. Also in the alumni round-up are Walt Klimecki, Brian Erstad and John Hansen.

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blonde womanMarilyn Myers graduated from the University of Arizona in 1978 with a BS in pharmacy and has been working as a pharmacist ever since. But a few years ago she decided to get a PharmD degree. The UA College of Pharmacy didn’t have a working professionals program, so a COP faculty member referred her to the University of Florida.

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J. Lyle Bootman, dean of the college and senior vice president for health sciences, was inducted as 2012-2013 president of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy at the 2012 AACP Annual Meeting in Kissimmee, Fla., July 17.

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man in red polo shirtGoing to a football game? Cheering on our Paralympian? Traveling abroad? Hosting a cookout? No matter what your plans, you'll look marvelous if you wear a College of Pharmacy Alumni polo shirt. Order your shirt now for Homecoming and all your fall events! (Athletic Director Greg Byrne might even publish your photo in his weekly message. He loves pictures of fans - like COP alumnus Marty Pelger - sporting UA colors in interesting places.)



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