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Getting ready to apply to pharmacy school takes some long-range planning! It's not something you can accomplish in one month or even one year.

The UA College of Pharmacy offers two paths for admission to the doctor of pharmacy program. Most PharmD applicants will apply through the "Standard path."  If you are using the Standard path, the How To Qualify section is for you! It gives you many details about the undergraduate college-level courses applicants using the Standard path must complete before you are ready to apply, the grades you will need to achieve to be a competitive candidate, and the other experience that will be assessed when you apply to the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy. This period of preparation is sometimes called "prepharmacy."  Throughout the website, this blue icon Standard iconsignals that the information presented concerns ONLY applicants using the Standard path.

Below is a short video outlining how to prepare yourself as a strong candidate for pharmacy school. It's worth watching for on overview of what you need to know.
Standard iconVideo lists requirements and tips for applicants using Standard path.

Special note for UA freshmen interested in applying later to pharmacy school: Please follow this link to important information about academic advising to prepare you for admission to the UA College of Pharmacy.

Now that you have a general idea of what it takes to qualify for admission to the PharmD program using the Standard path, learn all the important details on these pages:

If you are an applicant who has already earned a degree in a country outside of the United States that prepares you to practice pharmacy in that country, you may apply to the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy's PharmD program through the "International Pharmacist" application. Students admitted through the International Pharmacist path will take all of their coursework in Tucson, Arizona. While much of the information on these How To Qualify pages is true whether you apply through the Standard path or through the International Pharmacist path, there are some special requirements and exceptions that affect ONLY those taking the International Pharmacist path. Whenever you see this red icon IWPD icon, you know the information presented next to the icon affects ONLY those applying to the PharmD program through the International Pharmacist pathway. You should look for information about the International Pharmacist path on these pages:



Originally posted: July 15, 2014
Last updated: December 15, 2017
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