Graduate Student Handbook for Pharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics


The graduate program in Pharmaceutics leads to the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Well funded research opportunities and the strong multidisciplinary nature of the program provide students with a highly interactive and personalized approach to research and education in Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics.

Ph.D. Degree in Pharmaceutics

The mission of this program is to educate and prepare students for work in the pharmaceutical industry and in academia. The specific fields of study are physical Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacokinetics. These disciplines of pharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics are unique and exist only in Colleges of Pharmacy. The average time to graduation is approximately four and one half years.

1.1 Background

Pharmaceutics deals with the design and development of pharmaceutical dosage forms. At the University of Arizona, emphasis is placed on non oral (i.e., topical, injectable, and inhalation) dosage forms and novel drug delivery systems. Formulations are developed that maximize the bioavailability and/or the stability of the active ingredient. This involves the study of the factors that govern solubility in aqueous and non-aqueous vehicles. It also involves the development of stability indicating assays and the study of the effects of formulation components on physical and chemical stability.

Originally posted: June 10, 2016
Last updated: June 10, 2016
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