Graduate Student Handbook for Health and Pharmaceutical Outcomes


The Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program track in Health and Pharmaceutical Outcomes has courses of study leading to the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Well-funded research opportunities and the strong multidisciplinary nature of the program provide students with a highly interactive approach to research and education in Health and Pharmaceutical Outcomes.

M.S. Degree in the Health and Pharmaceutical Outcomes Track

The growth in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical sectors has created a demand for well-trained scientists who provide technical expertise that evaluates medication therapy and pharmacy services in the context of its benefits, risks, and costs. The M.S. program provides rigorous scientific training similar to that taking place in the Ph.D. track but with different academic requirements and less extensive research training. The average time to graduation is less than three years. Many M.S. graduates pursue pharmaceutical industry or managed care careers, which involve activities such as working at the project development, design, and management level, assisting in product development, and marketing.

Ph.D. Degree in the Health and Pharmaceutical Outcomes Track

The objective of the Ph.D. track in Health and Pharmaceutical Outcomes is to impart advanced scientific knowledge relevant to the field of study and to provide training opportunities in conducting state-of-the-art approaches in research. Successful candidates will meet the requirements for a career as an independent researcher in academia, industry, or government.

Originally posted: June 10, 2016
Last updated: December 12, 2016
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