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Faces of students in a classroomThe courses listed below are required for the Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics research track. For more information, consult the UA course catalog.

Pharmacokinetics (PHSC 507)
Quantitative description of the processes of drug absorption, distribution and elimination and factors affecting those processes.

Pharmacokinetics Discussion (PHSC 508a)
Application of pharmacokinetic principles with case-study examples.

Advanced Physical Pharmacy (PHSC 601)
Develop working knowledge of the various means of controlling the solubility and dissolution rate of a drug or other solute in an aqueous medium.

Drug Delivery Systems (PHSC 555)
Focuses on different types of drug delivery systems. Emphasis will be placed on discussing the rational choice of an appropriate drug delivery system from a chemical and pharmalogical basis, an understanding of how to formulate drugs in these dosage forms, and how the formulation can have an impact on pharmacology.

Physiochemical Factors Influencing Drug Action (602)
Focuses on chemical structure and physical properties of organic compounds and how these properties affect the biopharmaceutical properties of drug substances.

Industrial Pharmacy (PHSC 606)
The course will cover the progression pharmaceutical characterization of drug candidates from drug discovery, through Phase I, II and III and eventual New Drug Application submission. Focus will be given to the conduction of data in an environment regulated by the Food and Drug administration (FDA).

Advanced Pharmacokinetics (PHSC 609 a/b)
Quantitative treatment of kinetics of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and pharmacological response, including development of mathematical models for these processes and use of digital computer for simulation and nonlinear regression analysis.

Pharmaceutics Seminar (PHSC 596c, 596d)
The development and exchange of scholarly information, usually in a small group setting.

PHSC 610

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