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Smiling group of people standing by stairsThe courses listed below are required in the Health and Pharmaceutical Outcomes research track. For more information, consult the UA course catalog.

Health Services Research Methods (PHSC 543) Application of scientific, ethical and methodological principles to the investigation of research questions regarding health and health care delivery.

Basic Principles of Epidemiology (EPID573a) Basic concepts and principles of epidemiology and how these concepts are applicable for their own particular interests and careers in epi related fields.

Biostatistics in Public Health (EPID 576a) Biostatistical methods and applications. Descriptive statistics, probability theory and a wide variety of inferential statistical techniques that can be used to make practical conclusions about empirical data.

Biostatistics for Research (EPID 576b) Descriptive statistics and statistical inference relevant to biomedical research, including data analysis, regression and correlation analysis, analysis of variance, survival analysis, biological assay, statistical methods for epidemiology and statistical evaluation of clinical literature.

Health Technology Assessment (PHSC 513) Overview of methods in health technology assessment, including cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness and cost-utility analysis. Emphasis on current controversies in technology assessment.

Applied Health Technology Assessment (PHSC 621a) Application of the methodologies and tools used in the assessment of health technologies. Application of decision analytic tools and techniques such as cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit and cost-utility analysis.

Patient-Reported Health Outcomes (PHSC 612) Survey of the theory, measurement, and applications of patient-reported health outcomes, specifically health-related quality of life and consumer assessments of health care.

Graduate Seminar (PHSC 596E) The development and exchange of scholarly information in a small group setting.

Theory and Practice in Pharmacy Education (PHSC 611) Cultural, social, behavioral, and organizational foundations of pharmacy, including the development of the present state of practice.

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