Program Requirements

Woman with long blonde ponytail looking into microscopeThis section describes requirements of students in UA College of Pharmacy graduate programs. Click on the links in the sections below to learn more about each area.

Responsible Research

Students are expected to follow all UA policies and procedures for responsible research. Click on the links below to read about areas of particular note. The principle investigator with whom you are working will let you know what training is required for your lab. More information can be found at the following links:

UA Office for the Responsible Conduct of Research
Risk Management Services

MS Requirements

Graduate students are responsible for knowing graduate requirements of both the Graduate College and their academic departments. Visit the MS Requirements page for the details of your master’s degree requirements.

PhD Requirements

Graduate students are responsible for knowing graduate requirements of both the Graduate College and their academic departments. Visit the UA Graduate College PhD Requirements page for the details of your PhD degree requirements.

DS2019/120 Update

If you are renewing your VISA or updating your DS2019/I20 visa, please give a copy immediately to the graduate affairs coordinator at the graduate programs office, Room 336 in the Pharmacy (Skaggs) building of the College of Pharmacy.

Student Recruitment

All current graduate students at the UA College of Pharmacy are required to participate in recruiting new graduate students. The main event in this process is the three-day graduate student recruitment event the college holds each January. More information about your involvement in student recruitment will be provided to you.

attend the College of Pharmacy three-day graduate student recruitment event. - See more at:

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students are required to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress toward degree completion. In addition to maintaining a minimum 3.0 grade-point average, students enrolled in the graduate degree program are required to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress toward degree completion. The Program’s policies on what constitutes satisfactory academic progress are listed below.

Minimum Grades in a Required Course - Students must receive a grade of "B" or better in all core courses. A student who receives a grade of "C" or less in a required course must repeat that course. Students failing to obtain a “B” or higher in a required course that is repeated must petition the graduate program faculty to remain in the program. The decision to allow the student to continue in the program requires a majority approval of the program faculty, with two negative votes sufficient for termination.

Student Evaluation – The program faculty committee annually evaluates each student on the basis of accomplishments in formal courses and performance in other areas of the Program including lab research as well as attendance and participation in seminars. Satisfactory performance in courses and research are required. Failure to meet performance criteria in any of these areas is grounds for recommendation of dismissal from the Program

Annual Reports - All students will submit an annual report to the Graduate Program Coordinator, on or before June 1. The Annual Report must be approved and signed by the Track Director (first year students) or the Research Advisor (all other students) prior to submission to the Program office. Annual Reports for every year matriculating in the program are mandatory.

Sponsorship - By June 15 the program faculty make a determination if each first year student will be sponsored for the following year (based on performance criteria). This determination will be assessed yearly thereafter. Poor performance in assigned duties may result in the loss of sponsorship. Sponsorship decisions after the first year are made by the student’s major advisor and or the Director of Graduate Studies. 

Advancement to Candidacy - At the end of their third year in residence, students are evaluated for Advancement to Candidacy at the time of their comprehensive examination.  If performance is substandard, the program faculty may recommend a probationary period, withdraw program sponsorship, seek dismissal, or may request the student to fulfill the requirements for a Master's degree. The program faculty will evaluate overall student performance in the Program to date. If performance has been deemed satisfactory by the faculty, approval will be granted.

Dissertation/Thesis Committee Meetings - All students are required, after the formation of a dissertation/thesis committee, to have at least one committee meeting per year while in the program.

Completion Timeline – Each College of Pharmacy graduate track will include a table of completion of degree requirements in their student handbook, which is posted on the College of Pharmacy graduate programs Website.

Notification of Failure To Meet Academic Progress Guidelines
When it is determined by the graduate track faculty that a student is not meeting academic progress, the student will receive written notification with a clear statement of what he/she must do and a date by which such actions must be completed. The Graduate College will receive a copy of the letters of unsatisfactory progress. Students who fail to remediate by the deadlines specified may be dismissed from the program. Students will be given an opportunity to appeal or rebut.

Appeals Process
If a student wishes to appeal any of the requirements mentioned above, the appeal should be made in writing to the director of the student’s research track (Pharmaceutical Economics, Policy, and Outcomes; Pharmaceutics; Drug Discovery and Development; Clinical Research; Pharmacology & Toxicology). The appeal will be reviewed by the entire program faculty and may include a collective meeting with the student. A decision to accept the appeal of the program faculty will be based on a majority vote. The program faculty may place additional requirements/deadlines on the student as a prerequisite for continuing in the program.

Students who wish to appeal the decision of the program faculty must submit an appeal in writing to the director of graduate studies in the College of Pharmacy.


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