Drug Discovery and Developmental Therapeutics Seminar Schedule

The Drug Discovery and Development Graduate Program will hold the following seminars during Fall Semester 2017 on Tuesdays in Skaggs 325 from 4:00 to 5:00 pm.

Tuesday, August 22
Speaker: Justin Dietrich, PhD
Affiliation: Abbvie
Topic: Targeting the PRC2 Complex through a Novel Protein-Protein Interaction Inhibitor of EED
Host: Chris Hulme

Tuesday, August 29
Speaker: Ningning Zhao, PhD
Affiliation: University of Arizona, Nutritional Sciences
Topic: The Metal Transporter ZIP14 in Human Diseases: Function, Regulation, and Pathological Implications
Host: Jun Wang

Tuesday, September 5
Speaker: James Turkson, PhD*
Affiliation: University of Hawaii Cancer Center
Topic: Small Molecular and Natural Product Modulators of STAT3 Signaling for Treating Human Cancers
Host: Laurence Hurley

Tuesday, September 12
Speaker: Wenshe Liu, PhD*
Affiliation: Texas A&M University
Topic: Chemical Biology Tools Based on an Expanded Genetic Code
Host: Laurence Hurley

Tuesday, September 19
Speaker: Xiangshu Xiao, PhD*
Affiliation: Oregon Health & Science University
Topic: Targeting Nuclear Lamins to Develop Novel Cancer Therapeutics
Host: Laurence Hurley

Thursday, September 21 (note special day for this seminar)
Speaker: Dan LaBarbera, PhD*
Affiliation: University of Colorado
Topic: Reversing EMT as a Therapeutic Strategy for Metastatic Cancer
Host: Laurence Hurley

Monday, September 25 (note special day for this seminar)
Speaker: Blake Peterson, PhD*
Affiliation: University of Kansas
Topic: Chemical Tools for Studies of Biological Systems
Host: Laurence Hurley

Tuesday, October 3
Speaker: Alan Kaplan, PhD
Affiliation: Dart Neuroscience
Topic: Discovery of a Novel AMO-B Inhibitor for the Treatment of Cognitive Disorders
Host: Chris Hulme

Tuesday, October 10
Speaker: Holly Reichard, PhD
Affiliation: Takeda
Topic: Discovery of TAK-041: A Potent and Selective GPR139 Agonist for Treatment of Negative Symptoms Associated with Schizophrenia
Host: Chris Hulme

Tuesday, October 17
Speaker: Kevin Scott
Affiliation: UA College of Pharmacy, DDD Graduate Student
Topic: New Stereoselective Pericyclic Reaction Cascades to Access Complex Architectures
Host: Jun Wang

Tuesday, October 24
Speaker: Christian Melandar, PhD*
Affiliation: North Carolina State University
Topic: Using Nitrogen-Dense Marine Alkaloids as a Platform for the Discovery of New Antibiotic Adjuvants
Host: Laurence Hurley

Tuesday, October 31
Speaker: Abigail Shepard and Michael Delost
Affiliation: UA College of Pharmacy, DDD Graduate Students
Topic: Triazabutadiene Drug Conjugates for the Identification of Protein-Protein Interactions (Shepard); Darzens Approach to Three- and Five-membered Heterocycles (Delost)
Host: Jun Wang

Tuesday, November 7
Speaker: Aikseng Ooi, PhD
Affiliation: University of Arizona College of Pharmacy
Topic: Targeting the Unique Biology of Hereditary Leiomyomatosis and Renal Cell Cancer
Host: Jun Wang

Tuesday, November 14
Speaker: Bart Tarbet, PhD
Affiliation: Utah State University
Topic: Advances in the Treatment and Prevention of Influenza
Host: Jun Wang

Tuesday, November 21
Speaker: Rick Schnellmann, PhD
Affiliation: University of Arizona College of Pharmacy
Topic: Mitochondrial Biogenesis as a Therapeutic Target
Host: Jun Wang

Tuesday, November 28
Speaker: Wolfgang Peti, PhD
Affiliation: University of Arizona, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Topic: Novel Routes for Drug Design
Host: Jun Wang

Tuesday, December 5
Speaker: Michael Wolfe, PhD
Affiliation: University of Kansas
Topic: γ-Secretase and the Mechanism of Alzheimer's Disease
Host: Eli Chapman


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Last updated: November 16, 2017
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