Welcome, new students!

Faculty and staff extend a warm welcome to the more than 130 new students who started their studies at COP this semester. Read on to learn more about these new PharmCats and watch the video of several PharmD students talking about their first week at COP.

PharmD Class of 2019
Orientation for the new PharmD students started Aug. 17. The class consists of 120 students. The students’ ages range from 19-39; the average age is 23.

Different from previous years when classes had 60-40 percent gender split, this class is 53 percent female and 47 percent male. Twenty-one percent of the class is from underrepresented minority groups (Black or African-American, Hispanic or Latino, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, American Indian or Alaska native).

Fifty-eight percent of class members enter with bachelor’s degrees. The average cumulative GPA of the new class at admission was 3.66. Members’ average PCAT composite score was 67.8; scores ranged from 16 to 99.

Fifty-eight members of the Class of 2019 completed their undergraduate work at UA. Twenty-one members are from Arizona State University. Two are from Northern Arizona University and 21 other students did undergraduate work at Pima Community College. Other students come from community colleges and universities in California, Minnesota, Florida, Pennsylvania and Indiana.

New graduate students
The college also welcomed 13 new graduate students to the Fall Semester 2015. Four of the new grad students are pursuing PhDs in the Drug Discovery and Development research track. Of the six new students admitted to the Pharmaceutical Economics, Policy and Outcomes track, two are in the MS program and four are in the PhD program. Three students are seeking a PhD in the Pharmacology and Toxicology track.

Eight of the new graduate students are male and five are female. Six are international students: one man is from the United Kingdom, another hails from Korea and another is from Saudi Arabia. One woman calls Korea home and two are from China.

The college wishes the best to all our new students. Welcome to the Wildcat family and as always, Bear Down!     





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