Following self-reflection by our students, 415 portfolios now await faculty review and guidance!

Great job, Students!  Look at all of these wonderful portfolios.
Portfolios provide an opportunity for all students to reflect back on their accomplishments, think about their goals, and brag about their achievements.  This self-reflection provides a basis for faculty mentor to provide feedback in students’ growth to be practice-ready pharmacists.  Concerns that students bring up in faculty mentor meetings provide valuable feedback to the Assessment Committee. 
Students work all winter break (or pull an all-nighter before they are due) to put together their portfolios.  Then, Estella Salgado and Amanda Diaz work to document and sort them all.  Meanwhile, Chase Wilson compiles all of the results from the Students Expected Outcomes Survey.
Now, faculty – it is time for you to come pick up your folders and set up meetings with your student mentees.
A big thank you to the student workers who helped sort portfolios!
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