Class of 2016 gets a sunny send-off

On May 13, members of the Class of 2016 closed the chapter about getting their degrees at COP and turned the page to the future. The smiles of the graduates with their families and friends were as bright as the Tucson sun.

Twelve PhD students and 96* PharmD students were recognized at the event for completing their degrees. John Murphy, associate dean and professor, welcomed graduates and their guests, then segued to the most exciting part of the convocation ceremony, when each new graduate received the academic hood that distinguishes him or her as a doctor of philosophy or a doctor of pharmacy. Graduates were hooded by a small group of faculty members who had figured prominently in the students’ years at COP.

“No matter how removed we researchers feel from the clinic, each and every one of us is working for the ultimate benefit of the patient, and society, as a whole,” said Anika Dzierlenga, graduate class representative in remarks to the Centennial Hall audience of well-wishers.

Peter Semonche, PharmD Class of 2016 president, told the assembly, “While it can be fun to look back to where we first began and reminisce about what was clearly quite the eclectic journey we’ve all experienced together over the past four years along the pharmacy yellow brick road, it is important to also look ahead, at the responsibilities and challenges we still have ahead of us, not as students, but as licensed pharmacists.”

Relive the memories with the slideshow above and, after May 18, with the finished Flickr photo album.

*Two additional students will complete requirements this summer.

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