Alumna Rose Martin: Karate trainer, MMC director

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You don’t have to be a second-degree black belt in karate to become the director of the Medication Management Center, but then, Rose Martin is a bit of an overachiever.

Martin has been busy since she earned her PharmD from COP in 2007. She worked at Target pharmacy while she was attending pharmacy school and for a short time after graduation, but since then she has worked at the MMC. She did a fourth-year Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience rotation at the center and went on to become the senior medication management specialist-operations manager there.

Martin also runs Nihon Karate School with her husband, Patrick. Their school is part of the national organization recognized by the Olympic committee and they have students who are on the Junior National U.S. Karate team. Martin always seems to be managing something important, whether she’s at work or enjoying her spare time.woman talking to a man

Martin replaced Kevin Boesen as director of the MMC in 2013, when the center’s medication therapy management software and business model were licensed to SinfoníaRx and 15 MMC employees, including Boesen, left the college to join SinfoníaRx. Martin feels that her education at COP helped prepare her well for her jobs at MMC.

“The didactic courses prepared me well for all my rotations, and that knowledge was reinforced and strengthened particularly at the MMC rotation. That rotation allowed me to develop my clinical skills, as well as my management and professional skills,” says Martin.

Martin’s responsibilities have grown from overseeing the operations of the MMC to also focusing on strategic planning, quality and performance improvement and fostering and developing leadership skills in her management team. She is also committed to recruiting and retaining individuals to support the growth of the center.

Boesen, who earned his PharmD at COP in 1996, has been an important mentor to Martin.

“His management style has a large influence on how I continue to think about how I manage. He’s truly had a large impact on how I manage today,” says Martin.

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Martin sees a bright future for the MMC. She expects to expand services to reach more patients, and to continue to collaborate with SinfoníaRx to operationalize and support the expansion of potential centers nationwide.

When she’s not working at the MMC or training future Olympic athletes, Martin’s favorite things to do are spending time with her family and being a mom to her two children.


Story by Rebecca Wingate

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