Samuel Yalkowsky, PhD

Pharmacy Practice & Science

Samuel Yalkowsky received his BS in pharmacy from Columbia University in 1965, and his PhD in pharmaceutical chemistry from the University of Michigan in 1969. He was associated with The Upjohn Company from 1969 until 1982 when he joined the faculty of the University of Arizona.

Dr. Yalkowsky is currently involved in basic research on the relationships between chemical structure and physical phenomena such as solubility, partitioning, and melting. He has developed the state of the art algorithm for the estimation of the aqueous solubility of organic compounds. He has also made great progress in the development of an algorithm for the estimation of the melting points of organic compounds.

He is also involved in the alteration of solubility by physical means. This includes the development of formulations for insoluble drugs and the improved dissolution of environmentally important solutes from the soil. The formulation work was extended to include the development of novel dosage forms and the pharmaceutical evaluation of parenteral formulations. This has led to the development of novel methods for screening for hemolysis and for phlebitis.

His work has led to over two hundred scientific publications and patents and three books. His most recent book “Solubility and Solubilization in Aqueous Media” ACS-Oxford, was published in 1999. He is editor in chief of the AQUASOL dATAbASE of aqueous solubility data for organic compounds.

Dr. Yalkowsky co-authored two papers that won the Ebert Prize for the best scientific paper in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He received the University of Arizona Graduate Teaching and Mentoring Award in 2001.

Every year Dr. Yalkowsky, along with Dr. Paul Myrdal and Dr. Ken Morris, teaches Solubility and Solubilization of Drugs, a short course presented through the College of Pharmacy Continuing Education program.

Originally posted: July 1, 2014
Last updated: September 3, 2015
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