Paul Myrdal, PhD

Associate Professor
Pharmacy Practice & Science
FAX: 520-626-4063
Pharmacy (Skaggs) Building 422

Dr. Myrdal is an associate professor in pharmaceutics at the University of Arizona. He received his BS in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Arizona in 1989 and his PhD in physical pharmaceutical chemistry from the University of Arizona in 1994. Dr. Myrdal joined the College of Pharmacy during the fall of 2000.

Before his faculty appointment, Dr. Myrdal worked for Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M) in the Drug Delivery Systems Division. At 3M, he interfaced directly with drug discovery and provided preformulation and formulation support for preclinical and clinical studies. He was awarded 3M's Technical Circle of Excellence in 1998.

Dr. Myrdal has authored more than 80 peer-reviewed publications and nine book chapters. He has publications on a variety of aspects of analytical chemistry, solutions and solid state characterization, formulation development and drug delivery. He co-authored, with Dr. Samuel Yalkowsky, chapters on solubility and solubilization of drugs in aqueous media for the Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Technology and was co-director of a short course that centers on the solubility and solubilization of drugs. Dr. Myrdal has also generated the data for, and written, chemistry, manufacturing and control (CMC) sections for three different IND submissions.

Dr. Myrdal’s research laboratory is centered on fundamental pharmaceutics with an emphasis on parenteral, aerosol and topical drug delivery. He is the director of a drug development core for a NCI program project grant that is developing topical agents for the chemoprevention of skin cancer. He recently served on an expert committee member (excipients) for the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), and is an editor of the American Association Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) PharmSciTech journal.


Complete list of published work:

Selected Publications

Stein SW, Sheth P, Younis M, Mogalian E, Myrdal PB. (2015). Modeling and understanding combination pMDI formulations with both dissolved and suspended drugs. Mol Pharm. 12(9): 3455-67.

Myrdal PB, Sheth P, Stein SW. (2014). Advances in metered dose inhaler technology: Formulation development. AAPS Pharm Sci Tech, 15(2): 434-455.

Stein SW, Sheth P, Hodson PD, Myrdal PB. (2014). Advances in metered dose inhaler technology: Hardware development. AAPS Pharm Sci Tech, 15(2): 326-338.

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Kuehl PJ, Brenner T, Jain PJ,  Karlage K,  Sepassi K, Yang G, Mayersohn M, Yalkowsky SH,  Myrdal PB. (2008). Formulation and in vivo evaluation of chlorpropham (CIPC) oral formulations.  J.Pharm. Sci. 97(12): 5222-5228.

Myrdal PB, Karlage K, Kuehl PJ, Angersbach BS, Merrill B, Wightman P. (2007).  Effect of novel 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors on the incidence of pulmonary adenomas in the A/J murine model when administered via nose-only inhalation. Carcinogenesis. 28(5): 957-961. 

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