Marion Slack, PhD

Pharmacy Practice & Science
FAX: 520-626-4063
Drachman Hall B307H

Marion Slack has practiced in a wide variety of settings including:

• Independent community pharmacies in Lexington, Kentucky, and Paris, Kentucky
• Community hospitals in Lexington, Kentucky, and Minneapolis, Minnesota
• A leper colony in Northeast Thailand

As a faculty member at the UA College of Pharmacy, one of Marion’s interests is the educational preparation of pharmacy students—particularly pharmacy students’ preparation to participate in community health activities in rural towns. Marion is currently the principal investigator for VIHSTA, Visionary Interprofessional Health Sciences Training in Arizona. This program allows pharmacy students to participate in interprofessional training in rural Arizona communities, for example, Nogales and Chinle. Interprofessional student teams collaborate with community professionals and residents to promote health by changing something in the community, for example, the services offered to victims of domestic violence. Communities love to collaborate with the students because it allows the community to increase their ability to improve the health of residents. More information on VIHSTA is available at:

Another area of interest is research and teaching related to the scientific methods and research design. Marion teaches a unit on research design in the professional course, “Drug literature evaluation—Research design considerations,” and is the course coordinator for a graduate course in health services research methods. Marion also is the course coordinator for student investigative projects. She teaches a class on writing research proposals and mentors students as they work on investigative projects.

Research interests include how to assess bias in studies reported in the literature. One example is bias in clinical trials of garlic for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia. Marion also is looking at weight loss studies to determine if placebo is an effective method for losing weight. Then Marion is interested in the characteristics of university students, particularly in the health sciences, who exercise regularly.


BS, University of Kentucky, 1969

MA, University of Minnesota, 1984

PhD, University of Arizona, 1989


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