Christopher D Martin

Technical Expert
Center for Toxicology

Pharmacy (Skaggs) Building 318


Refereed Journal Articles (Published or Accepted in Final Form) 1. Smith K, Warholak T, Armstrong EP, Leib M, Rehfeld R, Malone D. Evaluation of risk factors and health outcomes among persons with asthma. Journal of Asthma 2009;46:234-7. 2. Murphy JE, Malone DC, Olson BM, Grizzle AJ, Armstrong EP, Skrepnek GH. Development of computerized alerts with management strategies for 25 serious drug-drug interactions. Am J Health-Syst Pharm 2009;66:38-44. 3. Ko Y, Malone DC, Agostino JV, Skrepnek GH Armstrong EP, Brown M, Woosley RL. Potential determinants of prescribers
Originally posted: September 9, 2013
Last updated: September 3, 2015
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