Medication Management Center Programs

Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center

The Medication Management Center pharmacists work directly with pharmacists from the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center, a pharmacist-run and pharmacist-staffed call center. The first center of its kind in Arizona, the poison center has been a part of the College of Pharmacy for more than 50 years. Its pharmacists are experts in providing clinical services over the phone.

Smoking Cessation

The University of Arizona College of Pharmacy’s Medication Management Center (MMC) works with SinfoniaRx and the Arizona Smokers Helpline (ASHLine) to deliver innovative smoking cessation services to eligible State of Arizona employees and their spouses/dependents. In this program, the MMC accepts requests from State of Arizona employees for smoking cessation counseling. The MMC works with the patient to choose an appropriate smoking cessation medication based on medical history, smoking history, past quit attempts, and patient preferences. Upon agreement, all patients are referred to the ASHLine for smoking cessation behavioral counseling.    
Following the MMC’s initial contact (enrollment consultation), pharmacotherapy recommendations are reported directly to the patient’s provider. Accepted recommendations are forwarded to the patient’s dispensing pharmacy and the patient is notified of the provider’s response (the MMC has a 92% approval rate with the recommendations made). Strict follow up consultations are provided to ensure adherence to the pharmacotherapy selected. By September 2016, more than 350 patients have participated in the program with a 22% quit rate.

Contact: Martin Pelger, RPH
Phone: 520-626-3947

Epilepsy Foundation

The Medication Management Center in collaboration with SinfoniaRx is providing clinical pharmacy services for the Epilepsy Foundation of Illinois.  Our clinical team  provides medication therapy management (MTM) services to patients with epilepsy via video conferencing technology. These consultations occur in conjunction with the patient’s neurology telemedicine appointment. This multi-disciplinary approach allows the neurologist and MTM pharmacist to provide the patient a complete and comprehensive evaluation of their conditions and medication related concerns.  SinfoniaRx and the MMC, in collaboration with the Epilepsy Foundation, are working diligently to research and evaluate the impact on health outcomes of this multi-disciplinary and patient centric approach.  

Contact: Brittany Abeln, BSN, RN
Phone: 520-626-1752

Rural Health

In 2014, the Medication Management Center (MMC) developed a medication therapy management program for rural patients funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS). The MMC partnered with community sites to form an innovative community-academia partnership designed to overcome barriers in providing comprehensive care to patients in rural settings.  In this program, clinical emphasis is placed on reducing medication related problems, ensuring the medication regime is adherent to current guidelines and standards of care, and assessing medication adherence and vaccination status.  The program has improved patient’s biometric markers, including Hemoglobin A1C readings and blood pressure readings.  Furthermore, the program has successfully identified and addressed safety related concerns (i.e drug – drug interactions, drug – disease interactions, high risk medication use in the elderly, and therapeutic duplciations).  Lastly, the program has emphasized preventative screenings as well as vaccinations.  The collaboration continues to provide care to patients in the rural communities of Arizona and continues to impact patients with limited access to care.  

Contact: Brittany Abeln, BSN, RN
Phone: 520-626-1752

Transitions of Care

The Medication Management Center in collaboration with SinfoniaRx is providing clinical services for Tucson Medical Center patients discharged from the hospital.  Our clinical team provides transition of care services to patients at one-week and three-weeks post discharge via phone. Our goal is to make sure that patients have the information they need to improve outcomes and prevent readmissions. We connect the hospital providers to the community providers, specialist, skilled nursing facilities and pharmacies to achieve optimal outcomes. We also help achieve some of the Medicare mandates that require medication reconciliation upon discharge.

Contact: Jenny Bingham, PharmD, RPh
Phone: 520-353-3158

Ventanilla de Salud

Many Mexicans living in the United States face unique barriers in the pursuit of health care. Ventanilla de Salud is a program developed by the Department of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented through the Mexican consulate aiming to improve access to health care for this patient population. In 2016, SinfoniaRx and the Medication Management Center developed a program in partnership with Ventanilla de Salud through which these patients are able to contact a Spanish-speaking pharmacist via telephone and have questions about their diabetes medicines answered confidentially and free of charge.

Contact: Sandra Leal, PharmD, MPH

Originally posted: September 27, 2016
Last updated: January 23, 2018
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