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PGY2 Residency in Ambulatory Care

The Medication Management Center PGY2 Residency in Ambulatory Care is a 12-month training program offered by the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy at the Medication Management Center. The purpose of this program is to prepare the graduate for the role of an ambulatory care specialist, a clinical coordinator or an adjunct faculty member in an area of ambulatory care pharmacy, and specifically to be prepared to develop new financially sustainable ambulatory care services in one of these roles.

At the completion of residency training, residents should be able to:

  • Establish or expand a collaborative interdisciplinary practice.
  • Provide efficient, effective, evidence-based, patient-centered treatment for chronic and/or acute illnesses in all degrees of complexity.
  • Demonstrate leadership and practice management skills.
  • Serve as an authoritative resource on the optimal use of medications.
  • Further the pharmacy profession through advocacy, education, public health promotion and research.

Contact: Nicole Scovis, PharmD, BCPS

Clinical Rotation Site

The Medication Management Center serves as a clinical rotation site for numerous colleges of pharmacy, University of Arizona College of Pharmacy International Postgraduate Pharmacy Training, University of Arizona College of Nursing, University of Arizona Department of Nutritional Sciences, and third-year Family Medicine Residents from Banner University Medical Center Tucson Campus.

Contact: Jessica DiLeo, PharmD
Phone: 520-626-3963

Interprofessional Education

The Medication Management Center, as part of the University of Arizona Health Sciences (UAHS), is the statewide leader in training health professionals.  Interprofessional collaboration among healthcare providers is critical for the delivery of safe, effective, patient-centered care.  The Medication Management Center provides an environment and supports the practice of collaboration and the development of communication skills amongst other professions.  The Interprofessional Education program incorporates students from the College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing, and the College of Nutritional Sciences to provide comprehensive medication therapy management (MTM) consultations and well-rounded patient care as a team. The students work in small groups at the MMC one day per week for a three-week rotation, working through case studies, preparing and presenting real patient cases, and performing telephonic MTM reviews as an interprofessional team. This rotation provides a unique and innovative approach to team-based healthcare education and allows students to expand their clinical knowledge.

The Interprofessional Education program at the MMC recently won the 2017 Innovations in Teaching Competition with the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP). This award, including podium and poster presentations at the 2017 AACP Annual Meeting, acknowledges the program’s unique learning strategies and its success in utilizing medication therapy management in interprofessional education. The program is certainly innovative in many aspects and we are proud for it to be recognized on a national level.

Contact: Kate Johnson, BSN, RN
Phone: 520-626-1752

Paid Pharmacy Internship

A unique relationship exists between the Mediation Management Center, the College of Pharmacy and the pharmacy students. Students are able to apply the information learned in their didactic coursework in real-world settings. Starting with their first year, interns are immersed in the real world application of medication therapy management in complicated patients with multiple chronic disease states. They not only learn the signs, symptoms and therapeutic approaches of common disease states, they also gain the important skills needed to interact with individual patients, gain their trust, and provide a meaningful service. As students advance in their didactic course work, their role expands to include more clinical work.  Working side by side with other pharmacy students, technicians, pharmacy residents, clinical instructors and faculty in a challenging environment, enriches their College of Pharmacy Education.

Recruitment/Interest Tucson
Contact: Jessica DiLeo, PharmD
Phone: 520-626-3963

Current Pharmacy Interns Tucson
Contact: Jason Reddick, PharmD
Phone: 520-626-3246

Contact: Barbara Davee, PharmD
Phone: 520-370-2960

Paid Nursing Internship

We have partnered with the University of Arizona's College of Nursing to promote and support the experiences of nursing students through direct patient counseling and education, nurse case management programs, and round table discussions with peers including both pharmacy and medical students. Similar to the pharmacy student internship, nursing students are able to apply their newly developed clinical skills directly with patients in the MTM setting. This environment encourages and promotes collaborative skills development as well as sharpening effective communication skills.  We are excited to continue this collaboration with the College of Nursing and setting them up for success in their future nursing careers.

Contact: Kate Johnson, BSN, RN
Phone: 520-626-1752


The Medication Management Center conducts research on the implementation of innovative services by community pharmacy. The center also partners with the Center for Health Outcomes and PharmacoEconomic Research to conduct health outcomes research related to medication therapy management services.

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