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More about the Poison Center

The Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center serves the citizens of Arizona by providing:

  • accessible poison and medication-related emergency treatment advice,
  • referral assistance, and
  • comprehensive information on poisons and toxins, poison prevention and the safe and proper use of medications.

The center was established officially by the State Legislature of Arizona in April 1980 to provide lifesaving services to the citizens of Arizona. Located in Tucson at the University of Arizona and administratively directed by the College of Pharmacy, the center is certified by the American Association of Poison Control Centers.

The center includes an array of specialists and experts who handle approximately 150 calls per day:

  • clinical pharmacists and certified poison information speclialists
  • clinical and medical toxicologists
  • genetic counselors
  • emergency medicine and pediatrics physicians
  • educator for community outreach
  • pharmacologists
  • other consultants


Poison center services can save both lives and money. Check out this brochure for more information.

Poison center funding from the state and federal governments has been cut severely. Learn the facts on our Funding Page.

Across the country

  • More than 50 percent of  exposures reported to poison centers across the country are to children under 6. Cosmetics and personal care products accounted for 13 percent of these exposures in 2008, cleaning substances less than 10 percent, painkillers less than 10 percent.


  • Nearly 92 percent of poison fatalities in 2008 were to adults over 20 (77 percent of deaths were to people age 20-59). Painkillers accounted for 17 percent of adult poison exposures; sedatives, antipsychotics and hypnotics accounted for less than 15 percent; cleaning substances, 8 percent.

Did you know...

... the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center served Arizona for 25 years before the state officially recognized and began funding it?

Cover of poison center brochure - Dr. Picchioni on the phoneFaculty at the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy were taking calls from Tucson pediatricians and others about dangerous household products way back in1955, providing around-the-clock service.

Read a brief story about the beginning of the center


Request a copy of the brochure of the center's history. Be sure to give us your name and all the necessary address information to mail your copy.

Updated: Monday, 07 April 2014