Alumni Potpourri June - September 2016

Poist playing wheelchair basketball

Jennifer Poist (PharmD 2015) competed in her second Paralympics this month as a member of the 2016 U.S. women’s wheelchair basketball team -- and brought home a gold medal, beating Germany 62-45. Read about the big win and see a recent Arizona Alumnus interview with Poist, too. The win makes Poist the second UA College of Pharmacy alumna to win a gold medal in wheelchair basketball; read about when Poist met champion Renee Tyree (PharmD 1993) in 2012.

Mel Nelson (PharmD 2016) received the 2016 Future Pharmacist Award from the Pharmacy Times and Parata during a gala in Boston on Aug. 6. The award is given to a student pharmacist who demonstrates spirit and passion for the profession through academic achievement, in conjunction with one or more of the following criteria: industry advocacy, patient advocacy, technology innovation, civic leadership and/or environmental stewardship with regard to pharmacy.

Hal Wand (BS Pharmacy 1979), retired executive director of the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy, is currently serving as the 2016-2017 president of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. His commitment includes having served as president-elect and filling the past president slot next year.

Two alumni and one student take photo together during their volunteering in Mexico

COP alumni Richard Smith (BS Pharmacy 1972) and Alexandria Smith (PharmD 2011) and student Eric Smith (Class of 2019) traveled to Ensenada, Mexico, in July as part of the St. Barnabas/Mayo Clinic/Resurrection Lutheran Church and Friends Medical Mission Trip. There they saw more than 200 patients a day.  Richard and Eric are father and son; Alexandria is not related to them.


The following UA College of Pharmacy alumni assisted in making PharmCamp 2016 successful. The alumni are listed according to the PharmCamp location where they helped.

  • Phoenix: Erica Domer (PharmD 2011)
  • Yuma: Mark Jordan (PharmD 2001) and Jacob Schwarz (PharmD 2010)
  • Cochise and Sierra Vista: Anthony Roether (PharmD 2007)
  • Tucson: Natalie Belanger Perkins (PharmD 2004)

David Lee (BS Pharmacy 1977) and Robert Squire (PharmD 2009) both participated in camp activities in Phoenix, Casa Grande, Yuma, Nogales, Sierra Vista and Tucson.

Many thanks to the following alumni who emailed personalized notes so that each of our 98 newest alumni were congratulated on their 2016 graduation by a colleague. Appreciation for the welcomes to the profession by Ed Gatti (PharmD 1965), Denise Holzman (PharmD 1986), Bill Jones (MS Pharmacy 1979), Amy Grizzle (PharmD 1990), Bill Fritz (MS Pharmacy 1972), John Pilgrim (PharmD 1972), Monica Adams (PharmD 2011), Tom Reed (PharmD 1969), Emily Lundeen (PharmD 2012), Hal Wand (PharmD 1979), Al Scorsatto (PharmD 1970), Patrick Hryshko (PharmD 2014), Martie Fankhauser (MS Pharmacy 1982) and Christina Mnatzaganian (PharmD 2011).

Originally posted: September 16, 2016
Last updated: September 20, 2016
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