Contingent of COP alumni staffs St. Mary's

Written and submitted by Martha Schuman

Alumni of the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy are well represented at Carondelet St. Mary's Hospital in Tucson, especially the Class of 2006. The Class of 2006 story begins with a pharmacist Jessie Mance Zugerman.  She began working at St. Mary’s during her fourth year of pharmacy school after completing an institutional rotation at the 400-bed hospital.  Zugerman says, “I enjoy the diversity of my position at St. Mary’s.  The decentralized pharmacy model offers pharmacists the opportunity to rotate throughout the hospital in a variety of clinical settings.” She shared her experience with classmates; this ultimately encouraged other pharmacists to migrate to St. Mary's Hospital.

2 women in lab coatsMartha Cisneros Schuman, Class of 2006, initially signed with CVS pharmacy after graduating. Hearing about Zugerman's positive experience at St. Mary's, after nine months of retail, she decided to join the team at St. Mary’s Hospital. Schuman also enjoys the clinical model of the pharmacy and especially enjoys the teamwork of the entire pharmacy department.

Katie Coates Wolf, Class of 2006, was the next pharmacist to join the St. Mary's team after receiving a call from Martha encouraging her to explore the opportunities at St. Mary's. Katie was working at another local hospital and looking for a change; she decided to join St. Mary’s as a staff pharmacist. “Despite challenging times in health care, the atmosphere at St. Mary’s pharmacy continues to be one of support and partnership,” says Wolf.

Branislava Lazaravic Kapor, Class of 2006, was the next pharmacist recruited by her former classmates. Kapor was working in a retail setting, but wanted the experience of working in a hospital. She too transferred to St. Mary's and states, "I enjoy the challenges the hospital setting provides me as a pharmacist...and working with former classmates is a bonus."

"Our hospital has received national awards and has been recognized for clinical excellence. Our pharmacy department is proud to be a part of these great achievements," says Schuman. 4 women outside hospital

The Class of 2006 pharmacists agree the successes of the pharmacy and their classmates are due to the strong clinical guidance and the support and mentoring from the other St. Mary's pharmacists, some of whom are also University of Arizona alumni. St. Mary's hospital has six pharmacists with more than 20 years of experience. Schuman believes “the success of the pharmacy department at St. Mary's is due to the dedication and commitment we provide to our patients and, equally important, the dedication and commitment we have to each other."

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Originally posted: August 29, 2013
Last updated: August 16, 2014
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