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PharmCats of various stripes conducted a spate of telecommunications in recent months. Here’s a reprise of the phoning that has been happening on behalf of the College of Pharmacy!

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Students call alumni to say thank you
Author G. B. Stern once said, “Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.”  Four students at the college agree and volunteered to call alumni donors who had made contributions to the college during 2012. Student callers Allison Buhl, Mel Nelson, Ollga Qyra and Georgina Ybarra spent an evening reaching out to simply say “thank you.” The experience was so positive for both sides that we hope it will become a tradition.


Alumni congratulate new graduates
Alumni volunteer callers congratulated members of the Class of 2013 on their graduation this past spring. The program, which started two years ago, makes sure that every graduate receives a call of congratulations upon the completion of their PharmD program. Some of the volunteers had themselves received similar calls just a year ago.

Thanks to the following for making the calls to our newest alumni:

  • Christine Aguilar, Bernadette Aragon, Matt Bertsch and Ashlee Gerfen, Class of 2012;    
  • Lee Bartes, Christina Mnatzaganian and Lee Stringer, Class of 2011
  • Mike Zucarelli, Class of 2010
  • Michelle Bonnarens, Class of 1997
  • Tony Webber, Class of 1995
  • Lupe Surratt, Class of 1993
  • Jon Glover, Class of 1992
  • Cathy Kelley, Class of 1989
  • Denise Holzman, Class of 1986
  • Janice Friedman, Class of 1980
  • Hal Wand, Class of 1979
  • John Pilgrim, Class of 1971
  • Al Scorsatto, Class of 1970


Volunteers welcome Class of 2017
Another set of alumni callers dialed  the members of the entering PharmD class to welcome them to the college and to the profession of pharmacy. Several of the group also met with incoming students during orientation week events (Aug. 19-23) and offered their personal words of advice.

Greeting the Class of 2017 were:

  • Mikael Peterson, Class of 2007
  • Kenneth Fey and Maryam Fazel, Class of 2003
  • Lorri Reilly, Class of 1989
  • Denise Holzman, Class of 1986
  • Mark Murphy and Nancy Mellor, Class of 1984
  • David Lee, Class of 1977
  • Lizabeth Petersen, Class of 1976
  • Bill Jones, Class of 1972 and 1979
  • Bill Fritz, Class of 1970 and 1977
  • Metta Lou Henderson, Class of 1961, 1966 and 1968

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Originally posted: August 29, 2013
Last updated: August 16, 2014
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